The History of the Casale

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The Casale della Staffa is a 14th century country house that belonged to the family of Counts Conestabile della Staffa -who still lives in the castle perched on top of the hill – for over six hundred years. It originally was home to some of the many farmers that worked the Count’s vast estate and its layout invokes rural life of past centuries with a huge central kitchen (today a living area and breakfast room) that still features the monumental fireplace and stone sink, around which the would be the homes of the families of farmers.

With the profound changes that came after world war two with farmers being given their own land and homes, the Casale was eventually abandoned and used as a barn for the last half of the twentieth Century. In 2004 Countess Anna Conestabile della Staffa decided to finally restore this historical building and devoted the last years of her life to this project lovingly paying attention to the last detail and personally furnishing and decorating it with family heirlooms (her bridal trunk serves now as the buffet table for breakfast) in a warm and traditional way.

It has been transformed into the cozy Country house that welcomes our guests today.

The Conestabile family has always been prominent in the cultural life of nearby Perugia. Some of the most beautiful paintings today in the Umbria National Gallery and in other famous museums around the world, were originally commissioned by the family to artists such as Perugino, Pinturicchio and Raphael among others and were in the family private collection. One famous example is il Raphael’s Conestabile Madonna, which today is housed at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Today the Casale is managed by Claudia and Everett; an Italian American couple of artists who owns a small farm near Todi and who are passionately producing wines employing exclusively natural methods. We are committed to put our love and knowledge of art and history at the service of those who want to look beyond the beauty of the place and discover local typical goods, know how they are produced and source them directly from small farmers, wineries, olive oil mills, artisans etc.

Our mission is to spread our passion and respect for the earth and the territory making sure that our guests bring home beautiful memories of a perfect holiday and share our love for the countryside and life in this unique region in the green heart of Italy. Welcome to our Casale.